Under Siege

Yang Liping Contemporary Dance

Thu 05—Sun 08 Oct

Arts Centre Melbourne


★★★★½ Breathtaking

Limelight Magazine

One of China's most epic stories is reinvented as one of this century's most ravishing spectacles.

Yang Liping soared to national stardom in 1986 and has since become a singular force in Chinese dance, creating striking solos and choreographing lavish ensemble works.

Under Siege sees her teaming up with set and costume designer Tim Yip (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) to stir up a visual maelstrom of breathtaking imagery.

Yang rewrites the epochal tale known in Chinese opera and lore as Farewell My Concubine with a high-octane mix of performers from ballet, hip-hop, kung-fu and Peking opera. Under Siege is an extraordinary feat of theatre, a visual and kinetic treat that sears the senses.

Beneath thousands of suspended steel blades a climactic battle rages; the Battle of Gaixia will change the course of Chinese history. Two mighty, ambitious warlords stake everything for the ultimate prize. A legendary beauty will prove that love and loyalty outlive death.

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★★★★“美轮美奂”- 《金融时报》

场地: 墨尔本艺术中心 国家剧院
日期:10月5日 周四 - 10月8日周日
周四-周六 晚上8点

★★★★ Absolutely stunning. A work of strong vision and serious spectacle.

Evening Standard

Exquisite... an intoxicating experience.

A feast for the senses... exotic and dazzling in equal measure.

★★★★ Breathtakingly gorgeous.

Financial Times
Chief Choreographer / Director
Yang Liping
Visual Director / Costume and Set Design
Tim Yip
The Mending Project Artist & Creative Consultant
Beili Liu
Lighting Design
Fabiana Piccioli
Lead Singer
Gong Linna
Qiu Jirong, He Shang, Gong Zhonghui, Hu Shenyuan, Pan Yu
Sound Design
Song Duoduo
Video Design
Lea Xiao Lihe, Yao Yunzhi
Karthika Naïr
Nathan Wang
International Creative Producer
Farooq Chaudhry
Assistant Producers
Lv Xia, JiaXuan Hon
Technical Director
Chao-Wei Fan
Technical Producer
Sander Loonen
  • Presenting Partner
  • With support from
  • The Consulate General of The P.R of China in Melbourne

PHOTO | Ding Yi Jie