Two Jews walk into a theatre...

Brian Lipson & Gideon Obarzanek

Wed 18—Sun 22 Oct

The Coopers Malthouse


Whether doting or distant, joker or tyrant, a father is a terrible weight to carry around.

In an irreverent act of childishness, director and performer Brian Lipson and choreographer Gideon Obarzanek meet as their fathers on stage with all the intimacy, understanding and horror that only a son can supply.

Strongly opinionated and unafraid to share, Laurence Lipson and Zenek Obarzanek make for one of theatre’s great odd couples, firing verbal volleys that hit all too close to home.

Funny, poignant and alarming—it’s probably a good thing they never met in the flesh. Though they wear their fathers like ill-fitting suits, the two sons bring all of their trademark theatrical verve and adventurousness to provoke questions of age, political belief and the people who make us who we are.

Devisors and Performers
Brian Lipson
Gideon Obarzanek
Director and Choreographer
Lucy Guerin
Lighting Designer
Bosco Shaw
Sound composer
Oren Ambarchi
Wendy Lasica
Managed by
Lee-Anne Donnelly, Far and Away Productions

Two Jews walk into a theatre... premiered at Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall in August 2016.

PHOTO | Sarah Walker