Porosity Valley, Portable Holes

Ayoung Kim

World Premiere

Fri 06—Sun 22 Oct

Royal Botanic Gardens

Free Event

Australia’s mass shifts by seven centimetres a year. What lies beneath this heaving and unstable form?

This Melbourne Festival commission furthers Ayoung Kim's signature fascination with the invisible forces that underride the world, here imagining subterranean geologies as living beings and underground stories pushing and pulling beneath the ground on which we stand.

Inspired by notions of porosity, the migration of bodies and information, plot holes and portable holes as plot devices, it is a strange meeting of ideas that can only co-exist uneasily, conveyed through an immersive video installation and overlapping cacophony of the real and virtual, the aural and visual.

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Free Artist Talk

Royal Botanical Gardens, Mueller Hall Herbarium 
Sat 07 October at 3PM

Free Public Lecture

MUMA Boiler Room Lecture, State Library of Victoria
Mon 09 October at 6PM

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