Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort

Australian Exclusive

Thu 19—Sun 22 Oct

The Coopers Malthouse


Warning: contains the entire universe.

What if you had to conjure everything that ever existed and you only had an hour to do it? Nature took a few billion years to get it right, and even the Biblical God had a full working week.

From light to thought to the laws of physics, four intrepid performers step into the void and build the universe from scratch in a work whose scope couldn’t be wider. Absurd, inventive and driven by a mischievous sense of play, this is theatre that tears up its own foundations to get to the bottom of existence.

With detours through virtual worlds, human consciousness and art itself, Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort from French cooperative l’amicale de production present a deft-footed performance which always dances one step ahead of expectations, leading us on a high-spirited chase across the eons.

Learn more about the show before you go. Browse the house program →

Artist Q&A

Sat 21 October, post-show

Stay after the show for a free talk with the artists.

Artists in Conversation

Sat 21 October 12.30PM

Antoine Defoort will discuss creating a universe from scratch at a free artist talk. More info and registration →

Conception & Direction
Halory Goerger
Antoine Defoort
Technical Conception
Maël Teillant
Alice Dussart
Régis Estreich
Set Design
Christian Allamano, Cédric Ravier & Danny Vandeput

Supported by l'Institut Français