All Of My Friends Were There

The Guerrilla Museum

World Premiere

Thu 05—Wed 11 Oct

Theatre Works


Do everything in your power to witness it.

Last year The Guerrilla Museum's Funeral revealed to some audiences the rituals that will accompany their own death. This year they're celebrating all that comes before.

Let’s party like it’s your birthday. Whether they inspire glee or dread, there's no stopping birthdays from rolling around once a year. How do these milestones add up to form an entire life, and who is the person who hopscotches their length?

Each night, the collected real-life birthday memories of audience members will become the foundation for a party like no other. This playful and deeply personal portrait showcases the points of connection we all share.

Through dramatisations, song and performance, All of My Friends Were There weaves a tapestry in motion, from the moment of birth through half-remembered childhood memories and beyond. The exuberance and awkwardness of our teenage years, clambering our way up the cliff-face of adulthood, building a life and the losses that come with it... just as no two lives are identical, no two performances of this striking event will be the same. And the candles on the cake might be for you, if you choose. Take a deep breath.

The Guerrilla Museum are a secretive group whose only public face is a series of compelling live art experiences. Following last year's Funeral, All of My Friends Were There is the second in a trilogy that puts a real life in the spotlight and asks us to reflect upon its meaning. Encounters with a Guerrilla work are by turns mischievous and moving, and no one emerges unaltered.

Presented in association with Theatre Works and The Guerrilla Museum

PHOTO | Sam Hood