Wed 18 Oct

Melbourne Recital Centre


FLOTUS is as lush and gorgeous as any of Lambchop’s past work.”

Chameleonic Nashville icons Lambchop might have earned their stripes in the 90s alt-country movement but the subsequent two decades have proven the band's soul is that of a nomad, passing through post-rock, lounge, electronica and folk.

While no two albums of the 12 they've released sound the same, a singular spirit of human generosity and wistful optimism hover above each. The Lambchop line-up has been just as amorphous—indeed, the band is more a loose, shifting collective with Kurt Wagner the only constant.

Understated but ripe with meaning, technically masterful but with an unexpected catchiness, Lambchop's music is the kind you have to fight not to fall for.

Support Act

40 mins

Jim White of The Dirty Three and Emmett Kelly perform an epic jam on guitar and a drum kit.

The greatest working American songwriter.

Intimate and unpretentious.

PHOTO | Joanna Bongard