Michelle Heaven

Thu 12—Sun 22 Oct

The Coopers Malthouse


When your senses betray you, what's left to trust?

A mind-bending work whose secrets will have you questioning reality, IN PLAN is the latest work from choreographer and dancer Michelle Heaven in collaboration with design genius Ben Cobham.

Painting haunting stage images of uncanny physicality, the pair have constructed a work of total theatre whose hallucinatory impact must be experienced to be understood. To reveal more would be a punishable offence: take a step into the darkness and see where you land.

Presented with Bluebottle

Graceful performances, haunting imagery and a hypnotic score.

If nothing else happens now, I’ll be happy.

Audience Member on IN PLAN
Director, Choreographer & Performer
Michelle Heaven
Performer Collaborator
Caroline Meaden
Tra Mi Dinh
Original performer / collaborator
Xanthe Beesley
Set & Light Design
Ben Cobham of Bluebottle
Production Manager
Morwenna Schenck of Bluebottle
Bill McDonald
Costume Design
Harriet Oxley
Graphic Designer
David Lancashire
  • Presenting Partner
  • With support from

IN PLAN would like to acknowledge the additional support from Besen Family Foundation and private donors Heather and Alan Cobham. 

PHOTO | David Lancashire