Joep Beving

Sat 14 Oct

Melbourne Recital Centre


When amateur Dutch pianist Joep Beving posted a self-recorded album online, it was on little more than a whim.

85 million plays and a record company bidding war later, it's safe to say that Beving is the kind of classical sensation only our times could produce. The delicate, atmospheric compositions may initially have been written for the mere enjoyment of friends and family, but their stirring effect and Beving's meditative performances have connected with people the world over.

“It’s the type of music that can easily tell stories”, says Beving: the emotive, cinematic landscapes summoned in the songs are spaces to fall into. A second album, Prehension, was released earlier this year and Beving’s star has only continued to rise.

From kitchen composer to Spotify star—Dutch pianist hits big time.

Mark Brounen

PHOTO | Rahi Rezvani