We believe that Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music is one of the most important pieces of social commentary in the world at this point in time—one that massively supports the vital need in Australia for continued conversation around social inclusion and marriage equality.

We believe there was no option for us but to share this important artist with Melbourne.

To enable us to do this, we are recruiting 24 supporters to contribute $7,000 each—one supporter for every decade of the show. There is still time to join this important group and take your place alongside Taylor Mac.

The Taylor Mac Giving Circle members are:

The Aranday Foundation
Dashiell Gantner & Anna Foley
Vallejo Gantner
Jane Hansen
Michael & Silvia Kantor
Paul Little AO
Simone Lourey
Randal Marsh & Tobias Churcher
Neil Masterton
William Randall
Gerry Ryan OAM
Pinky Watson

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Senior Philanthropy Manager 
+61 3 9662 4242

PHOTO | Teddy Woolf