Support from Patrons for over 30 years has been vital in establishing our city as Australia’s vibrant cultural capital.

Patrons are at the very heart of what we do, and their gifts empower us to create, collaborate, commission and present exceptional art from around the globe to stimulate, provoke and delight Melbourne audiences.

Patrons help us engage top international talent, multiplying the Festival’s impact through nurturing and inspiring our local creative community. Shows that could not have been presented without the support of Patrons Circle donations bear this logo.



Melbourne Festival applauds the following Patrons for their generous and loyal support 


Paul & Julie Kirk
Kee Wong & Wai Tang


Christine Clough
Debbie Dadon AM
Linda Herd
Richard Leonard & Gerlinde Scholz
Peter Lovell & Michael Jan
Rebel Penfold-Russell OAM
Anonymous (1)


Yoland Antill
Belle Barro
Marc Besen AC & Eva Besen AO
Bill Bowness AO
Rob & Sally Bruce
David Byrne
Min Li Chong
Teresa Engelhard
Rosemary Forbes & Ian Hocking
Suzanne Halliday
Hans & Petra Henkell
Lilian Hou JP
George & Karen Janko
Ian Kennedy AM & Dr Sandra Hacker AO
Norma Leslie
Kath M Mainland & Ray Anderson
Jim Moser & Brenda Tocher
Louise & Martyn Myer Foundation
Julia Nelson
Rae Rothfield
Tim & Lynne Sherwood
Maria Solà
Dahle Suggett & Peter Cole
Ricci Swart
Naum Tered
Maria Weight
David & Danielle Whittle
Vic Zbar & Pamela Macklin
Anonymous (1)


Margaret Astbury
Jim Babbage
Peter & Helen Baenziger
Jane Barrett & Jeremy Goad
Dr Jane E Bourke
The Brasher Family Foundation
Rob Brookman & Verity Laughton
Sally Browne
Career Money Life Pty Ltd
Sue Carter
Maggie Cash
Tim Connard
Yvonne Constantine
Janet Copland
Jennifer Darbyshire & David Walker
Mary Davidson
Jane Evans
Bob Garlick
The Gill Family Foundation
Diana Goldenfein and Julius Rath
Colin Golvan QC & Dr Deborah Golvan
Anthea Harris
Dr Jenny Hayes
Margaret Heffernan OAM & John Dunne
Ted Hochschwender
Jonathan Holloway & Jenny Vila
Professor Andrea Hull AO
Tony & Ann Hyams
Philip & Barbara Jones
Kathryn Kings
Suzanne Kirkham
Christian Klettner & Lawrence McDonald
Julie & Michael Landvogt
Roslyn & Russell Levy
Cassy Liberman
Elizabeth H. Loftus
Anna Lozynski
Andrea L McCall
Rob McGauran & Alessandra Giannini
Tammy & Andrew Medard
Colin & Carol Nettelbeck
Dr Paul Nisselle AM
Prof David Penington AC
Elizabeth Proust AO
Maria Ryan
Gerlinde Scholz
Jacky & Rupert Sherwood
Graham and Annette Smorgon
Lily Tell & David Lester
Leonard Vary & Dr Matthew Collins QC
Rosemary Walls
Kevin & Elizabeth Walsh
Barbara Ward-Ambler
Ian A Watts
Janet Whiting AM & Phil Lukies
Price & Christine Williams
Gael Wilson
Esther Wong Yuk Kak
Dr Terry Wu & Dr Melinda Tee
Anonymous (4)


Hugh Crothers
Ted Hochschwender
Peter Lovell
Andrea McCall
Lawrence McDonald
Julia Nelson
Gerlinde Scholz (to May)
Dahle Suggett
Maria Weight