Lose yourself inside a mirror with a thousand faces.

From Narcissus to Alice, what lies behind our own reflections has been a source of and intrigue across the ages. The allure of the mirror is blown out to a mind-altering scale in this labyrinth of looking glass, where no doorway, corridor or wall can be trusted and where the three dimensions themselves conspire to disorient and deceive.

Kinaesthetic play is crossed with optical illusions to result in a multi-sensory romp through a house-sized kaleidoscope, and your own reflection is fragmented into many things: shadow, ghost, stranger and constant companion.

House of Mirrors is the creation of Melbourne artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney. Putting 40 tonnes of steel and more than 15 tonnes of mirrored glass to good use, they have realised an idea as simple as its execution is cunning. All that’s missing is you.

So come take a good hard look at yourself. You might be surprised by what you see.

Performance dates

Wed 05—Sun 22 Oct
Mon—Fri 4—10PM
Sat & Sun 10AM—10PM


Arts Centre Melbourne, Forecourt


Cocktail Party Package from $100* p.p.
Exclusive Dinner Package from $220* p.p.
Please note, this is suitable for Corporate Entertainment Groups of 50+
(*inclusive of tickets and GST)

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