Karen Berger

Karen is a freelance director, performer, composer and teacher. Her longest running position is as musician and diversity officer with Melbourne Playback Theatre – a company that hears stories from its audiences and improvises them in return. Karen’s award-winning M.A. in performance studies saw her delving into the history of the part of Melbourne where she lives, very near where Wurundjeri elders reputedly met with John Batman to ‘sign a treaty’. 

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

Claudia is a visual and performing artist working primarily in the mediums of video and dance. Claudia is widely recognised as one of Melbourne’s most dynamic, multidimensional artists. Her passion for dance and movement has led her to teaching and performing dance throughout Melbourne and around Australia for the last 15 years

Karen Casey

Karen is a Melbourne-based interdisciplinary artist who explores intersections between the arts, science and society. As one of a vanguard group of urban indigenous artists she quickly gained prominence as a painter and printmaker, however later shifting direction towards installation, new media and public art. 

Sun Hee

Sun is a Korean artist who has lived and worked in Korea, Japan, Singapore and Australia; sharing her artistic talents with the world. Born in Seoul, Sun started painting and finding expression through art in the 1990s when she was living in Japan and Singapore. 

Felix (Ching Ching) Ho

A Hong Kong-Australian theatre director based in Melbourne. She has worked as a director, assistant director, dramaturg, artistic liason and company interpreter for major companies across Australia. She is currently a member of the New Working Group, and sits on the judging panel for the Green Room Association Awards’ Contemporary and Experimental Performance Panel.

Nakarin Jaikla

Nakarin has been fascinated by different forms of art his entire life. He first learned how to do arts and crafts from his grandmother, who he credits as his first teacher. He regularly performs his work in festivals all around Australia and overseas, securing selected artist residencies & art grants, globally

Kalyan Ky

Kalyan is an award-winning entrepreneur, writer, musician and social activist. She is currently the Director of the Trade Partnership and Cooperation Centre—Angkor Exchange (TPC-AE) that fosters and facilitates economic and societal connections between Cambodians and the rest of the world. 

Gregory Lorenzutti

Gregory is a Brazilian-Australian artist based in Melbourne working in between the spaces of photography and dance. His practice spans across a vast range of performances from ballet and contemporary dance to work on television, film and even the Rio de Janeiro Carnival parade. He has worked as a dancer and rehearsal manager around the world.

Mara Sison

Maria is an Asian contemporary visual arts curator and writer. She has managed Indonesian contemporary art exhibitions such as SHOUT! Indonesian Contemporary Art in 2015 and co-curated Crossing: Beyond Baliseering in 2016. She has also been an active participant of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s annual Asian contemporary arts festival Mapping Melbourne